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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 18, 2013 3:00am-6:00am PST

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the two-piece sets are sold at target with the brand names circo and he go sill sill -- he can sill -- exhilaration. a fire fighter climbing a ladder to rescue someone from the window when a huge chunk of snow fell from the roof sending him tumbling. luckily no one was injured. >> time for your brew on this question of the day responses. >> we asked now that lance armstrong confessed to the doping are you likely to forgive him for living? >> yes, i forgive lance armstrong. he was doping because everyone else was. lance is a hero because he won seven tour de france races. >> tom says i do not forgive armstrong. if he would have told the truth the first time under
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oath, i would have. he is a liar and cheater. >> jane says it is up to lance to ask forgiveness of god. public forgiveness shouldn't be a concern. >> have a great weekend. take care, folks. >>gretchen: good morning everybody. tgif. it's friday. it's january 18, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. i hope you're going to have a great day. f-15's called in to escort an american passenger plane after reports a hijacker could be on board. >>brian: it's the question we've been waiting to hear an answer to: >> yes or no. did you ever take banned substances to enhance your cycling performances? >> yes. >>steve: what does lance armstrong have to say about himself now? those answers straight ahead. >>brian: another
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question: where do you find oprah's network on your cable dial? how do you make a tractor race more exciting? you grab your pig. "fox & friends" starts now. >>gretchen: oh, my goodness, is that somebody snoring? or somebody snorting? >>steve: it's the pig. >>gretchen: why are we playing that? >>brian: this reminds steve when you were brought up in the future farmers association. >>steve: brian's cold open was grab your pig. first let's be straight up with you. we this morning are on performance-enhancing coffee. we started early. at this hour you've got to do it. >>gretchen: i thought you were talking about the
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birthday party i was at last night where we were on performance-enhancing other things. but i'll take some of that. >>brian: i got permission to stay up late because it was a school night. i asked ahead of time. so i was able to watch oprah's network. >>steve: where is it? what channel is it? channel 1? >>brian: it was 180 on my dial. so i find it and oprah used the opportunity to plug every single show she ever thought about doing while in between she sat down with lance armstrong at which time she did let's get the yes and noes out on the top. did i? did you ever? how long? by the way, are you a cheater? would you have won had you not used performance-enhancing drugs? >>steve: oprah was absolutely prosecutor i al
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the way she presented the questions. you knew all these years lance armstrong has been a liar and a jerk. watch. >> you and i both know that fame just magnifies whoever you really are. so if you're a jerk, you're a bigger jerk. if you're a humanitarian, you're a bigger humanitarian. so what was going on with you during that time? and what did fame -- what did that do? >> i don't know if you pulled those two words out of the air: jerk and humanitarian. i'd say i was both. and we saw both. now we're seeing certainly more of the jerk part than the activist, humanitarian, philanthropist, leader of the foundation. we're seeing that now. i am flawed, deeply flawed. i think we all have our flaws. if the magnifying glass is normally this big, i made it this big because of my
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actions and because of my words and because of my attitude and my defiance. you watch that clip, that's an arrogant person. i go look at this arrogant person. >>gretchen: the thing is how long did he think he could live with this lie. it's kind of the o.j. simpson syndrome and what we're seeing in society today that people start believing the lie. can you imagine waking up every morning being that person, knowing that you have to continue to live that lie and the pressure you're under and the amount of people who know about it, that you have to go out and attack. you have to go out and attack. but what does it say about the culture that we live in now? that, to me, is the bigger question. >>steve: here's what he did. he rashallizes -- he wouldn't say because he doesn't want to point fingers that you cannot be successful in bike racing without cheating.
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therefore, i did what everyone else was doing. that's why i did that. he did not win a single race without cheating. he did it for the longest time. he did it before he had cancer. he did it after he beat cancer. he would have beat this entire thing after he not decided to come back after retiring. they unfreeze samples. it gets sophisticated. it blows up in his face. his $25 million fortune or whatever is left is about to explode as well. >>steve: the olympics even called back and said give us back that bronze medal, you big cheater. if it's possible -- i know he's trying to rehabilitate his image. but if it's possible in many respects he is less likable after the interview than before. >>brian: is that what you thought? >>steve: i read christine brennan in "usa today" and she felt the same way. >>gretchen: what about it?
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>>steve: he was unlikable, he was cold, he was smug. >>gretchen: if he cried, you would have said he was a cry baby. >>steve: if you watched the interview, he was smug. people whose lives he destroyed. there is an interview of betsy andrew. she and her husband -- her husband frankie, rode for the united states postal service team. years ago they were in a hospital room in indiana where they heard talking to the doctor and lance admitted to the doctor, yeah, i took everything -- >>brian: when he was in the hospital bed in 1999. >>gretchen: for years he said she lied and so did her husband because there was another person in the room who backed him up and apparently did so under oath. here is his response to people like betsy who had come out before and said they knew he was actually doping. here's what he had to say about it. >> she asked me and i asked her not to talk about the
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details of the call, the confidential personal conversation. it was 40 minutes long. i spoke to frankie as well. >> is it well with the two of you? have you made peace? >> no. >> okay. >> because -- because they have been hurt too badly. and a 40-minute conversation isn't enough. and -- >> yes, because you repeatedly characterized her as crazy, called her other horrible things. >> i did call her crazy. she would be okay with me saying this. but i'm going to take the liberty to say it, and i said i called you crazy, i called you [bleep], i called you all these things, but i never called you fat. >> that's one of the things -- >> i said you were [bleep]. i never said you were fat. >>gretchen: this is
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what's interesting to me. >> if a person is accusing you and they say three things that are true but one of them is out of order and not true, do you take that to mean the whole thing is not true? >> yeah. >> that's how you operate? >> well, because that's -- three to one wouldn't be accurate. that's a score. >> okay. okay. >> i know. >>steve: for him to focus on the fact he never said she was fat. you take these steroids, you risk getting cancer, holes forming in your heart. then lance armstrong got cancer, was able to come back and win these incredible races seven times. now we find out -- he won't say it because the woman there backed him up. there was also in this room -- wanted to make her look like a liar. so he's saying she was
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right. i did admit to the doctor. while i'm sitting on my back ridden with cancer, that i was taking all this crap. now the cancer isn't by chance more than likely. the races were all a fake, more than likely. and he's not even this superstar inspirational figure at any level at any time. there is nothing real about this guy and there's nothing contrite about this guy because the only reason he's coming forward is because the tests he took back in 2000 have been unfrozen and reexamined. >>gretchen: how many other people have we seen this happen to as of late. i'm thinking about mary ann jones. remember the amazing olympic runner who everyone said how could she beat everybody by so much in a 9-second race? because she was cheating. it would be interesting to go back and look, especially in baseball, tock to go back -- and football -- and look who's not cheating? there would be less people racing --
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>>steve: he's raised $500 million for cancer and has been this icon, and everyone wants to -- it's not about the bike, the best-selling books, his name is armstrong, an american in this international race. i've never seen anything like it. did i mention the notre dame linebacker? not yet. >>gretchen: let's do a couple of other headlines. there were two fighter jets scrambled to escort a passenger plane after reports a hijacker had been on board. someone called the f.b.i. and said a hijacker was on board an alaska air flight. the f.b.i. says the man does not seem to be a threat. in fact, he reportedly slept through most of the flight. the feds are investigating if the call was a hoax. it could be a -- there went the coffee. it could be a big break in the murder of border patrol agent bryan terry.
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gustavo cruz, a mexican national says he shot terry. cruz says he t-rpbd himself. two guns were found at terry's murder scene. an embarrassing for president obama's jobs council. it has been one year since it held an official meeting. the council will expire at the end of the month unless the president extends it. no comments from the white house on why the council hasn't met in so long. manti te'o staying silent about the dead girlfriend hoax. he cruised by the cameras at the training facility in florida. notre dame says it learned it was a hoax december 6. two days later he was still talking about her death. meantime an unedited transcript of an interview he did shows te'o having a hard time answering simple questions like how they
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met. multiple reports identify the fake girlfriend as a 23-year-old marketing coordinator from california. >>brian: there is something sweeping the headlining. you know what tebowing is? this is called te'o-ing. >>brian: this other guy took a picture of him looking at an empty shower and says look at my girlfriend naked in the shower. >>gretchen: if it wasn't so sad, it would all be hysterical. >>brian: i don't know how sad it is. she's not dead because she never lived. >>steve: he was supposed to have a statement yesterday but then at the last minute canceled. >>brian: what do you say? oops? >>gretchen: we're going to have another sit-down oprah interview, another person saying it was made
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up. >>steve: 11 minutes after the top of the hour on this friday. the president says he'll do anything to stop the shooter like we saw at sandy hook but his past stance on guns paints a different story where he voted "present." >>gretchen: you need cash? before you use the a.t.m., listen up. the big banks are making the big banks are making some big changes. [ male announcer ] there are only so many foods that make kids happy. and even fewer that make moms happy too. with wholesome noodles and bite sized chicken, nothing brings you together like chicken noodle soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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3:18 am
pass legislation to crack down on shooters when he was senator in illinois, what did he do? he voted "present." let's go back to 1999. illinois state legislature. in the wake of what happened in columbine, they had legislation that would do what? and how did obama vote? >> it was after columbine and the legislators were trying to come up with a solution, how do we protect our children? in illinois they came up with this vote. they said we're going to make it so that juveniles who commit shootings in or around schools will be tried as adults. the senate passed it overwhelmingly, 52-1. and there were just five state senators, including barack obama, who voted "present" on that bill. >>steve: i see the daily caller -- you've tracked down a long record on obama voting against tough on crime legislation. >> my colleague and i went
3:19 am
to chicago. this was in the midst of the election and picked up opposition research prepared by jack ryan, obama's onetime republican senate point. he found all this information. the way he frames it, and i think it's probably right, is that obama was always very soft on crime but very tough on guns. every time obama had a crime vote to take when he was in the illinois state senate, he always voted "present" because he didn't want to -- for two reasons. one, he said that criminal law disproportionately affected african-americans. he saw a racial component there. additionally, he said i don't want to clog the court system with all these cases. what do you want to clog the court system with? we thought given his rhetoric on guns lately it would be interesting to bring up this vote where he said i don't want to give tougher prosecution to children who shoot in schools. >>steve: you look at chicago, one of the murder capitals of the world.
3:20 am
nothing the president proposed the other day would crack down on handgun violence in chicago. there is one other thing we want to get to. tell us a little bit about this pro-obama-care group that is inviting journalists in, we know there is a lot of misinformation about obamacare. we're going to tell you how to tell it right. >> this group is sponsoring an event, this commonwealth fund has about an incestuous relationship as anyone. the white house references them on their website, talks about how great they are. this is a group sponsoring an event with mainstream journalists like reuters, going to an event yesterday and today in new york city to learn about how they report on obamacare. >>steve: i'm sure they're going to learn all the facts from both sides.
3:21 am
not. >> probably, yeah. >>steve: vince, thank you very much. have a great weekend. straight ahead, this is not a movie. mass gunmen storm an armed truck guard, taking all of his cash. but he's not about to let them get away easily. we're going to show you what happened. then, don't belong to a union? then don't you dare try to help with super storm sandy cleanup. what? stew varney is on deck to tell us more about what he has to unveil and uncover with this. [ man ] i've been out there most of my life. you name it...i've hooked it. but there's one...
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>>steve: overnight reuters has been reporting that an american airplane landing at an airport in algeria to rescue any remaining hostages taken in a terror raid on a gas plant there. this as we now know, one american hostage is missing. amy? >> new information right now from the british prime minister as well as the algerian government. first of all, the operation still is ongoing. according to the algerians, what it seems is that the operation in the residential area has ended, but there are still some hostages possibly caught up in the gas compression part of this facility. the algerian government is offering the terrorists safe passage if they lead the hostages free. we don't have numbers at
3:26 am
this point for casualties in this story. british prime minister david cameron describing the attack as heavily armed, large and well-coordinated. also probably preplanned. also we did hear from one escaped hostage, an irish, who managed to get out who said that the hostages had actually bound, gagged and attached explosives to some of those hostages. we're hearing reports that a u.s. plane has landed at a nearby airfield in order to take it to safety and americans who may be in the area. one american, according to jennifer griffin, not accounted for. there had been five on the compound who managed to escape being taken, two others who were taken and managed to escape. another frightening situation in one of the most remote areas on earth. still ongoing at this moment. >>steve: thank you very much.
3:27 am
gretchen, to you and brian. >>gretchen: the new jersey state senate has a message for construction workers. if you don't belong to a union, don't bother to apply for a job. >>brian: that's because they voted to ban nonunion workers from jobs related to hurricane sandy cleanup. stuart varney, the focus was on getting it done. we heard the governor. he wants to get things done. >> by what right does one group of workers exclude another group of workers from working on a state-funded project in an emergency situation when both groups have contributed the money towards the sandy cleanup. along comes one group -- union people -- and say only we can work on these reconstruction projects. you, if you're not in a union, you may not. that is a direct flexing of union muscle. i think it's discriminatory and another loss for the taxpayers in new jersey. >>gretchen: we heard these allegations during the heat of the storm that some workers from alabama had come up and wanted to work on the power lines. remember? and there were stories that
3:28 am
because they did not belong to the union, they were not allowed to help out. those stories, i think, were debunked after that. >>brian: not really. they weren't confirmed. >>gretchen: this is a separate thing. this is post-sandy workers have to belong to a union ostensibly. >> yes. this is a much grander scale. this is all work using government money to rebuild the losses from sandy in the state of new jersey. and a new jersey legislature has passed by a straight party-line vote but with a significant majority saying if you don't belong to a union, you cannot work on these reconstruction projects. this was pushed through by the president of the new jersey senate who is himself a union leader. that is union muscle being flexed at the expense of the taxpayer. >>brian: this is as it appears. the governor who took on his own party at the federal level when the money was not released, and they did not release the money because there's so much ancillary party
3:29 am
attached, when he took on his party, i thought that was bull. i would like to see him do something more outrageous. take on the democratic legislature in his own state. point out who the union leader is. >> would he do it? >>gretchen: that was with the teachers union. >> that was three years ago, i think it was. he won that one. but since then he has appeared with the president for sandy relief. he appeared to help the president during his election campaign with the sandy story. and now he's faced with this, the straightforward vote to only allow union people to work on reconstruction. i don't think he will go against the -- >>gretchen: i guess new jersey is not a right-to-work state. >> new jersey? >>gretchen: it was a joke. >> i've lived there for 30 years. i've never heard right-to-work state. >>brian: you have a right to work in new york city. >>gretchen: you have a right to do your show at 9:20 # a.m.
3:30 am
check out stu. >>brian: two minutes before the bottom of the hour. >>gretchen: the president putting his campaign staff back to work as a tax-exempt group. we'll explain coming up. >>brian: the dad had one condition. if the kids wanted a puppy, get this, the kids won.
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plus, 48-month financing on all beds. now at the sleep number white sale. >> i've got to be honest. i'm surprised monti didn't pick up on the hoax sooner. take a listen to this. >> hey, baby. what are you up to tonight? >> your call is very important. please listen carefully. at the option, tap change. >> i'm thinking on staying in tonight. >> me too. i plan on chillin', laughing out loud. but seriously, i miss you. >> at that point i could tell something was up. >>gretchen: that's hysterical. that does bring up a good point. were there actually ever any of these phone calls. >>brian: i don't know. notre dame said it was
3:35 am
exclusively on-line. all on-line. >>gretchen: he said he sat there on the phone just to hear her breathe through the night during her last couple of days. >> because she had a car accident that skid into leukemia. it would be tragic were it not a hoax. on some level. >>brian: notre dame is printing t-shirts that is saying notre dame play like a champion. >>gretchen: notre dame is printing them? >>brian: no. they say play today like your fake girlfriend died. supposed to be inspirational. but everyone is buying them. the good news is there was no girl. >>gretchen: that girl is a beautiful girl. >>brian: a victim of identity theft. had nothing to do with this. >>steve: got to prove
3:36 am
that she was harmed and what the figure would be. >>gretchen: wonder if she has a case. >>brian: the last thing, who is the person the cardinals running back said they gated by the same name -- they dated by the same name? >>gretchen: we're going to do that at 6:50 about people playing into this cultural game called lying. why do they do it? >>steve: let's get to your headlines. two airplanes clipped each others wings at miami international airport. look. >> people were freaking out, looking outside. we found out a plane hit us. i never felt an earthquake but i think it would be similar. >> the plane of an argentinian airline clipped the tail of an air france plane. it was parked at the gate and passengers were boarding. thankfully nobody was hurt. >>brian: it was like something out of a movie. what you're about to see, all too real, all caught on camera.
3:37 am
watch. two men with their guns drawn hold up a brinks armored truck. the guard was delivering money to a bank in florida. the robbers forced the guard to the ground and tried grabbing his gun. they were unsuccessful but they did grab a whole lot of money and then they took off. the guard then got up, fired at them from the ground. the robbers were forced to abandon the get away car a few blocks away, the tires riddled with bullet holes. >> i heard at least 15 to 18 shots. i thought it was firecrackers. >>brian: manhunt underway now the robbers. >>gretchen: need a few dollars for a tip? now you can get exact change at the a.t.m. a bank is rolling out a.t.m.'s to dispense $1 and $5 bills. it would not only be screen but could prevent overdrawing your account. there's a big difference between 100 smackerooos and
3:38 am
a few bucks. >>steve: five siblings desperately wanted a puppy but their parents were a little hesitant, so dad challenged the two oldest. if they could get a million facebook likes on this post, then they would get a puppy. guess what? in seven hours they got a million. mom and dad say the puppy is coming soon. sounds familiar. that's a lot of liking. 22 minutes before the top of the hour. president obama's reelection campaign is reportedly getting ready for its next assignment. if you're asking yourself hasn't the election been over for the past two months, you might answer yourself it has been and you would be right. but that's not stopping the president from taking an unprecedented move. james is live from washington. >> there was an election? i will catch you with you. good morning to you my "fox
3:39 am
& friends" in new york. the launching of this new pro-obama group is one of the chief purposes of the gathering of campaign staffers and supporters in washington dubbed the obama legacy conference. according to a report on the website "politico" it will be a 501-c-3 whose goal will be to rally popular support for the president's legislative battles, among them, debt and immigration tprorpl -- reform and climate change. jim messina will be leading the staff. the obama campaign was the most sophisticated of modern times in its use of micro targeting data to identify and mobilize voters but messina told "politico"'s michael len at a breakfast shortly after the campaign his own i.t. guru acknowledged the extraordinary machine the obama campaign built couldn't be put to the service of any other
3:40 am
candidate. >> in the end all these people in his room and in every door were doing it because of barack obama. we got people to take massive pay cuts and give away golden parachutes because they wanted to work for barack obama. >> the new obama group will be separate from the pro-obama superpac and separate from the democratic national committee, a sign, according to "politico," of the white house's disaffection with d.n.c. chair debby wasserman schultz, described as never enjoying a close relationship with the president. you're all going to be coming to washington for the inaugural, we trust? >>steve: we're not. we're going to start coverage sunday morning with the swearing in of joe biden and then continue monday morning. >> we'll find another time
3:41 am
when i can show you my aunt's photo album because i had it set up for you guys. >>gretchen: what kind of photo >> my aunt's. >>steve: the true story of james rosen yet to be told. going to put mike emanuel on it. thanks so much. earlier we told you about the national archives releasing an audio library of 150,000 different animal sounds. we tried to get some ourselves without much luck. but yesterday animal expert jack hannah stopped by our show and we put him to the test, and he took this very seriously. roll the jack tape. >> here's the first sound effect. what is this, jack hannah? and brian. [playing tape] >>steve: it is not a woodpecker. >>gretchen: we did this yesterday and i don't even remember this. [playing tape] >> i know what it is.
3:42 am
it lives in the water. [playing tape] >> it's big. >>steve: it's big and fat. >> a whale? >>steve: it's a walrus. [playing tape] >> i should have known that. >>gretchen: no. no you shouldn't have. >>steve: sounds like that one's got a hammer. got another one? >> i'll get this one. [playing tape] >> that's got to be some -- >>gretchen: jack, i love you. you're being very logical right now. it's not a mouse trying to open a door. [playing tape] >>steve: lives under water. >> got to be a dolphin or willamette
3:43 am
or -- dolphin or whale. >>gretchen: all right. >>steve: the final sound. listen to this. [playing tape] >> a snake. >>steve: what kind? >> a rattlesnake. >>steve: you're right! stop there. the day before we played that, we watched kimba in the jungle. we are ill-suited to answer these questions. did i call him kimba? simba. >>gretchen: he thought it was an unfair question. >>steve: if there is anyone it is a fair question to, it is a guy who works with animals.
3:44 am
>>gretchen: lance armstrong lied to the sports world. how did he get away with it for so long? >>steve: live outside, can we get on that bike? [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've bought ragu for years. [ thinking ] wonder what other questionable choices i've made? i choose date number 2! whooo! [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. five days later, i had a massive heart attack. bayer aspirin was the first thing the emts gave me. now, i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ woman ] learn from my story.
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technology can do that. who can tell me the third life cycle stage of the frog ? it can take a sick kid to school. nathan. tadpole. and help ensure a constant supply of clean energy. the things we build share one belief. that the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. powerful answers. verizon. >>steve: from bike jousting to rattlesnake hunting, they have traveled across the country and seems to have done everything. >>brian: experiencing everything truly american. for the new show "edge of america" that airs on the travel channel, guest who is here, jeff edgers is our guest. you're a print guy that's gone to tv because you had to see this great nation.
3:48 am
>> it's been an incredible adventure. i've gone all over the country, done crazy things. for a reporter who used to be behind the scenes, it's been crazy, you know. >>brian: let's talk a little bit about how great the state of oklahoma is. >> you been there before? >>steve: i'm from kansas. i'm familiar with the calf feed. the part of the calf you fry is a little disturbing. >> we went rattlesnake hunting which in oklahoma they have a huge festival centered around rattlesnake, this tiny town, people come for this rattlesnake derby. i don't know what you guys are watching. i've been trying to skpwhraeupb to my --
3:49 am
explain to my daughter. calf fries are bull testicles. >>brian: let's talk about pig races. how many people are racing pigs? >>steve: this looks good. what is this? >> the question is what isn't it? it is basically byproducts of animals. i'd say pig. i'm not totally sure. >>brian: we're running out of time. you have a lot of great video. look at that. there you go. >> it's pretty good. this is part of our pennsylvania episode. >>brian: what's in it? >> like pig byproduct. you know what? what's in a hot dog? >>steve: it's pretty
3:50 am
good. >>brian: what was it? >> usually it's like the parts -- >>steve: i ate that! >> like the same warnings about viagra. you've got to admit that was good. >>brian: you brought with you an unbelievable bike. what is the history of this bike? where in america are they riding this? >> we got them over here. these are tall bikes. when we went to oregon, which is like a bike capital of the world -- >>steve: let me hold this for you. >>brian: do i need a helmet? >> if you were my daughter, yes. but you're a professional. let's get a little momentum. >>steve: look at that. i'm a little too high. how do i get off of this? >> he would actually have a joust, a pipe with a fist on it.
3:51 am
>>brian: what state is this? >> oregon, second episode. pretty cool. >>brian: getting off is never easy. >>steve: you want to try? >>brian: i wish we had the time. jeff, thanks so much. travel channel. welcome to tv. it's been a great show. >>steve: i need a breath mint after the haggis. >>gretchen: on my first day on the job on this show i had to eat rocky mountain oysters. remember that? and i didn't know what they were. all right, guys. coming up, a warning for parents. popular kids pajamas being pulled off the shelves because they could go up in flames. sounds too good to be true, get paid to lose weight? we'll show you how. stick around.
3:52 am
♪ [ male announcer ] don't just reject convention. drown it out. introducing e all-new 2013 lexus ls f sport. an entirely new pursuit. fiber one. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! yeah, this is pretty good. [ male announcer ] over a third of a day's fiber. fiber one.
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3:55 am
>>gretchen: welcome back everyone. we're going to be joined with the top three health stories of the day. the first is fantastic on its face. a boss pays people to lose weight. >> if you can't get a raise in a tough economy, maybe your boss will pay you to lose weight. this company offers programs where the incentive to lower body mass index or cholesterol numbers is cash. more employers are looking for programs that will get workers fit. it is the result, of course, and you can probably imagine, of the rising health care costs associated with insurance and reduced productivity, workers dealing with obesity and other chronic
3:56 am
health issues reportedly cost more than $153 billion a year in lost productivity because they are absent from work. >>steve: one of the great things is if you're in shape studies have shown you actually do more, a better job at work. >> and you're going to ward off the flu probably easier too. >>gretchen: cheaper health care costs for employers. >> always worry about their bottom line. >>brian: talk about pom granite juice. >> the f.e.c. released a final constituted by did pom juice. a judge ruled it used deceptive advertising in that it can treat or prevent heart disease, prostate cancer. they plan on appealing. >>brian: it's not so wonderful.
3:57 am
>> it tastes wonderful. >>brian: and from the chinese apple which we'll discuss in the break. it's true. >>gretchen: the highest-calorie meals. >> this is going to make you hungry. heart attack on a plate. have you ever heard that expression for a greasey meal? the 2013 extreme eating list may fit the bill. take ihop's country fried steak and eggs meal. if you think 1,700 calories is good for you, the same as eating 20 butter milk pancakes. >> if that's all you eat all day. >> the average american is supposed to eat about 2,000 calories in an average day and johnny rockets thinks you're only going to have a cheddar bacon burger for 1,500 calories. >>gretchen: ban on energy drinks? a major city trying to make
3:58 am
them illegal. >>brian: lance armstrong is saying he sued his friends even though he knew they were telling the truth. truth. we'll hear from them. shh! [ breathes deeply, wind blows ] this feels cool. [ male announcer ] halls. let the cool in.
3:59 am
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4:01 am
[ phil ] get back to the things that matter most. ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you. [ doctor ] enbrel, the number one biologic medicine prescribed by rheumatologists. >> gretchen: tgif, it is friday, january 18, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. i hope you're gonna have a fantastic day. thanks for sharing it. he cheated, he bulllied and he lied. >> yes or no, did you ever take banned substances to enhance your cycling performance? >> yeah. >> gretchen: lance armstrong coming clean about being a liar, but is it too little. >> too late? >> steve: a terror scare in the air. f 16s called in to escort an american passenger plane after reports there was a hijacker on board. what happened? we'll tell you. >> brian: why is arnold schwarzenegger so popular? he says it's the accent.
4:02 am
the line of the one liner from arnold himself. >> good morning. >> brian: good morning to you wherever you are. we'll talk to a half him. hopefully he'll say something back. "fox & friends" starts now. >> how are you? >> gretchen: we didn't play the most famous one liner. >> brian: which is? >> gretchen: i'll be back. >> steve: and he will be back. he was here a little while ago for his new back and thousand he'll be talk being all sorts of things in the news, plus new movie. i just have one observation, remind me after the show to talk to the producers about not starting the day with haggis again. >> brian: it is really bad. >> steve: it's got a unique taste. it's got a unique taste. >> brian: i would just admire a hunter who looked at a carcass and thought, let's eat the
4:03 am
intestines. i mean -- >> steve: what about the first guy who ate the lobster? >> gretchen: what about people who were starving? they made use of the entire body of the animal. >> brian: right. i could see if everything else is gone going, you wanna? but going, i just want the intestines. >> gretchen: beingity fattalian, italian, you should like tripe. >> steve: i discovered last night that the oprah winfrey network is on fios channel is 61. she started her 90-minute interview like a prosecutor. she asked lance armstrong five questions. they were yes or no answers. here they were. >> yes or no? did you ever take banned substances to enhance your cycling performance?
4:04 am
>> yes. >> yes or no, was one of those banned substances epo? >> yes. >> did you ever blood dope or use brad transfusions to enhance your cycling performance? >> yeah. >> did you ever use any other banned substances like testosterone, cortisone or human growth hormone? >> yeah. >> yes or no, in all seven of your tour defrance victories, did you ever take banned substances or blood dope? >> yes. >> in your opinion, was it humanly possible to win the tour defrance without doping? seven times in a row? >> not in my opinion. i viewed the situation as one big lie, but i repeated a lot of times. as you said, it wasn't as if i just said no and i moved off it.
4:05 am
>> right, you were defiant. >> oh, yes. >> you called other people liars. >> i understand that. this is the second time in my life where i cannot control this outcome. >> first time was the cancer? >> first time was the disease, obviously. and now. it's a scary thing, that winning seven tours, i knew. i knew i was going to win. >> brian: here is the rationalization, he said. he does not want to indict anyone. he said it's my problem, it's my mistake. no details. but he is essentially saying by the questions he had no choice but to answer, that you could not win the tour defrance without doping. therefore, he looked up cheating and cheating is getting an advantage over your opponent or foe. i'm not getting an advantage, is what he concluded, because i'm doing what they're doing. we just looked it up, 17 of the last 33 tour defrance winners failed the drug test. >> gretchen: it's per vasesive in this sport. but earlier a lawyer was on and
4:06 am
said that would be like when you get stopped by a police officer for speeding, you say, i'm just doing it 'cause everyone else does it. it still is not an excuse for what happened. maybe we need to look deep noor this sport. maybe they should make the race shorter. i don't know the answer. but greg lamond won it three times and never caught for doping. >> steve: along the way, and this is one of the reasons a lot of people hate lance armstrong, is he had all these denials. no, i'm not doping. we know he was lying all along. but people would say, look, he's taking drugs and epo and all that stuff and he tried to destroy their lives. in fact, a woman named emily o'really was his masseuse for a while. emma was. when asked about him trying to destroy her, he said simply, oh, she got run over. she got run over, kind of like somebody else did it. lance armstrong ran over that
4:07 am
woman. here she is talking about whether or not she forgives him after coming clean. >> i hated seeing what some of the riders going through because not all the riders were as comfortable with cheating as lance was. you can tell, personalities change. >> is sorry enough? >> not at all. i apologize to them. >> brian: she's an assistant that found all these needles and said it. i found all these needles. i was with them for the longest time, masseuse, and he actually used performance enhancing drugs. instead of him saying that's not true, he went after her personally. she said this a month ago. if i said it made at the feel exposed and guilty, i'm sad i put people through so much and sad it's all right for lance to try to say something bad about me, you ruined me financially.
4:08 am
he ruined my reputation. because somebody calls you an alcoholic and makes you question the impression you give out. so really for the last ten years, he destroyed everything about this innocent masseuse who is not making a million dollars. >> steve: there were these little people who simply told the truth and he had all of his agents and his lawyers and his millions perpetuating the lies and there were a lot of denials. look at this. >> we're tired of these allegations and we're going to do everything we can to bite them. they're absolutely untrue. >> the skeptics, i'm sorry for you. i'm sorry you can't dream big. i'm sorry you don't believe in miracles. >> i was on my death bed. you think i'm going to come back into a sport and say, okay, doctor, give me everything you got, i just want to go fast. >> you are not worth the chair you're sitting on with a statement like that, with a disease that touches everybody around the world. >> gretchen: i guess maybe in his mind he thought since he had
4:09 am
beat cancer against all odds that he could continue to perpetuate this story line because it's kind of like the manti te'o story as well. who is going to actually question it when you're talking about beating cancer or somebody dying? so then people start to feel emotionally sorry for you, and so maybe it made him easier to continue the lie. what i've always wondered is with all the people surrounding whim had to have known about this, how did it stay relatively silent for so long? >> brian: i don't even think it was silent. this is the worst kept secret. >> gretchen: it is. >> brian: because you got this woman here action the wife of a rider. >> steve: the threat of a lawsuit that kept people quiet and kept him on top. >> brian: if he didn't try a comeback, he would never have been -- he even said it last night, i think he regrets saying this, if i didn't try to come back in 2009, if i just stayed out of it as a seven-time champion, he goes, i wouldn't be sitting here right now. so he is not doing it for any other reason except to continue his career and to maybe help
4:10 am
himself legally. he's not doing it because he wants to get this lie off his chest. he's doing it because he has no other choice. when george hiccuppy came forward and he ran in every single race that he won on the tour defrance, when he met and came clean on what he knew, he said, i knew it was all over for him. >> steve: there was one other part during have the view where he was kind of trying to explain how he was able to rationalize taking all these drugs. i had cancer and my system was decompleted. that kind of evened everything out. >> brian: that's how he rationalized testosterone. >> gretchen: there is so much more to discuss. we will continue to throughout the show. we have to get to some headlines inasmuch do you forgive him now? do you think he's a bigger jerk. e-mail us. more on channel 161 tonight on fios. >> gretchen: or watch fox if you're not interested. a headline changing.
4:11 am
reuters reporting american plane landed in an airport in algeria to help rescue the remaining hostages taken in the terror raid. we know one american hostage is still missing. two other americans managed to escape and are enroute now to london. five other americans who were inside the plant at the time of the attack avoided capture. the group reportedly led by the one-eyed terrorist, what he's known as. this is him. he says this is revenge fort french intervenge into the country of mali. two fighter jets were scrambled to escort a passenger plane after a report that a hijacker could be on board. somebody called the hijacker and said a hijacker was on board. it was escorted to seattle where the man was questioned. the f.b.i. says he was not -- he did not seem to be a threat. the feds are now investigating if this call was also a hoax. it could be a big break in the murder of border patrol agent brian terry.
4:12 am
a mexican national says he's the one who shot terry when he was caught trying to run drugs near the border. he turned himself in on charges in another case, threatening to kill a sheriff in texas. two guns were linked to that botched fast and furious operation. those two guns were found at brian terry's murder scene. those are your headlines this morning. >> steve: straight ahead on this friday, sorry, moms. one hospital says it will not deliver babies anymore. and the new health care law is to blame. is that a trend that is about to grow? the details as we know them coming up next. >> brian: then,. >> gretchen: blamed for heart problems and death. now a plan to ban caffeinated energy drinks all together. i've never had one. i better try one soon. >> brian: leave my 5-hour energy alone [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
4:13 am
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4:16 am
>> brian: sorry, moms. one hospital in pennsylvania says hold your water. they're no longer delivering babies, blaming cut backs on the president's new health care law which at a country near us with other hospitals be doing the same? let's ask congressman mike burgess who represents texas. also a form ob-gyn. you can speak from both angles, from the legislative point of view and the doctor's. why isn't cost effective to deliver babies? >> i'm not sure that particular situation, but what i do know is remember last summer at the convention when president obama, the democrats were saying we're going to pay for these expanded benefits by reducing provider reimbursement. well, now that is coming home to roost. you got providers and eventually you're going to affect the beneficiaries. medicaid and medicare have been underfunded for years. it's fix to go get worse because of the way they pay for the affordable care act. and this is probably not the
4:17 am
first such story you'll hear. >> brian: why is it? is something where they feel as though moms don't need the help in the hospitals? are they trying to force you to go to a baby center to deliver from home? where is this heading? >> i think that's a little strong. but i will tell you one of the big missing pieces in the affordable care act, if you're going to take the american health care system and just shake it up from top to bottom, why wouldn't you took the number one issue that affectsob doctors all over this country, and that's liability reform? a couple years ago in pennsylvania showed that one out of three residents don't stay there. those are the doctors of tomorrow. they're training them in pennsylvania, but they can't stay because of the problems in the liability climate. the president and congressional democrats back in 2009-2010 had an opportunity to fix this and they walked away from it. >> brian: in texas you have addressed that, though, right?
4:18 am
>> that's correct. caps on medical liability, about ten years ago. the result is yeah, we have a lot of pennsylvania doctors working in texas. >> brian: a lot of california doctors, too. congressman, what is your greatest fear since you can look at it from a doctor's level, as obamacare comes to fruition and the bill that no one read is now law? >> right now we're all focused on fiscal matters and it is the cost of this thing going forward. now, within nine months time or actually now less than nine months' time, patients are supposed to be able to go on-line and register for their subsidies in either state or federal exchanges. there is no way in the world that this is going to be able to be working by october 1. the problem was the obama administration hit the ball during the election. they wouldn't tell the states what they were going to be responsible for. as a result, governors did not want to sign up for this thing in early november. as a consequence, now that task
4:19 am
has shifted to the federal government and they're no way in the world up to that task. >> brian: the supreme court says states do not have to and a lot of them are saying, like texas, thank you, but no thanks. >> that's absolutely correct. >> brian: congressman, always great having you on. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> brian: 18 after the hour. up next, one of our favorite "fox & friends" friends. angie harmon. she is here live pretending as if i'm not looking at her. i know. i could see you. then this guy busted his way into a home, shooting up the place. so who helped crack the case? a dog. even the real cops can't believe it. one. two. three. my credit card rewards are easy to remember with the bankamericard cash rewards credit card. earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time.
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4:23 am
>> brian: news by the numbers. 567,000. that's how many children's pajamas from target are being recalled because they could catch fire. they're sold under the brand circo and acceleration with an x. next, one year. that's how long it's been since president obama's jobs council met for an official meeting. it expires at the end of the month unless he extends it. why would he? $294.9 million. that's how much you would have to shell out to call the white house your home. well, if it were up for sale, that is. no word if the secret service protection comes with the deal, along with the guys in black outfits who hide in the trees. >> steve: let me look on zillow to see if it's up for sale. >> brian: not now. >> steve: you know her as jane rizzolli on the tv show. >> gretchen: now angie harmon taking on a new and important
4:24 am
role as a unicef ambassador. >> hard to think about every year millions of children are bought and stole. they're forced into prostitution, or made to work in really dangerous jobs with little or no pay. thousands of these children live here. yes. right here in the united states. >> brian: wow. here to tell us more about this and what we can do to stop child trafficking is actress angie harmon. by the way, welcome back. >> thank you. >> brian: did you have any idea this was going on before you got involved? 'cause most americans don't. >> no. not at all. i think that is what is so disturb being it is this is happening in our own country as well. one of the wonderful things about being involved with unicef is that they are world wide. this is a global problem, child trafficking. children are having their childhoods robbed from them, they're being sold into prostitution, or jobs where it's grueling labor, they're not paid. and it's also happening here.
4:25 am
we have children from other countries that are getting over the border. these kids leave home at like eight and nine years old because of violence and things. >> gretchen: how did you get involved? >> i got involved by lighting the snowflake here in manhattan, which i never knew the significance or why this was special. what it is is it's the snowflake for unicef. it is a representation that every child is like a snowflake, every child is different. >> steve: right. you touched on it a couple of times in your comments about how we all think it's happening over there somewhere. it's happening in africa or south america or something like that. but it's happening here in the united states. >> happening right here in the united states. you pull up in a truck stop and there are young girls being prostituteed out in these truck stops right there on the road. 18 wheelers. >> steve: how young a kid are you talk being? >> 11, 12, 13. young girls. young girls that leave home
4:26 am
because they feel like they don't have any other option and then once these kids get out on their own and as resilient and as amaze amazing as they are, they're still vulnerable and this is where the traffickers find them. they fish in pools of mobility and migration and that's where they find these young kids. >> gretchen: let's talk about what we can do to rye and help combat if there are some signs or things for people to be aware of. >> yes. this is exactly it's what we can do, and it's all through unicef. it's the only organization that does this out of is 96 country -- 196 countries. these are the things that you can do. also go to unicef if this is something close to your heart and for more information. >> steve: the top item is be aware of exploitive products produced. what products should we be aware of? >> it's wine, coffee, teas, cotton in our clothes, to bricks that build our homes.
4:27 am
>> steve: how do you know? >> you do research on whatever company it is and ask the questions, are the people making this being treated fairly? are they underage? are they children? find out what countries they're coming from. >> brian: by the way, go to by the way, you met jason sea horn. you married him. michael strahan introduced you to him. now he is a host with kelly. >> i know! >> brian: was he this big brutish, giant owe financessive lineman, did you say, there goes a talk show host, honey? >> no, not at all, ever. because he's natural at it. it's so funny watching those big huge hands whenever he gestures, like, waaa! and this little teeny tiny pocket person next to him. >> steve: something i read on the internet, and i don't know if it's true.
4:28 am
>> i'm sure if it's on the internet it's got to be. >> steve: is it true you were discovered on an airplane by david hasselhoff? >> that is true. >> steve: wow! >> brian: that is incredible. >> that is actually true. >> steve: what was his line? hello there. >> no. actually he said that he had -- i actually told him no immediately. he said hi, i have this show i'm doing and it's called "baywatch" at night and i was like no. but i had always wanted to be an actor, but i had never a class. i lived here in new york, i was traveling all the time as a model. i never could stay committed to a class. so i was terrified. actually, i owe him so much. he took a chance on a person who i didn't know how to say lines and not bump into the furniture and things like that. >> brian: are you kidding me? you're at the top of his resume right now. >> gretchen: always great to see you. thanks for being a friend of the show. >> absolutely. thank you so much for having me. >> gretchen: coming up, while millions struggled in the dark and cold because of super storm
4:29 am
sandy a government big wig was warm and cozy. the reason why? he took home an agency generator. >> brian: then. >> steve: he called her to apologize for calling her a liar. so what did lance say and was he really sorry? she spoke moments ago. you will hear from her next [ male announcer ] after years of celebrations, marie callender's gives you a way to make any day a special occasion.
4:30 am
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4:33 am
>> you got to wonder what's in the future for lance armstrong. the guy is a liar, a cheat, hypocrite, a fraud. where is he going to find work? [ laughter ] besides congress. i mean, besides congress. there are not a lot of options. >> steve: some jokes just write themselves. >> brian: lance armstrong last night spoke for about an hour or so seamlessly on oprah, we want right into the repeat when i wondered, wait a second, they didn't put a banner up. part 2 is tonight. there he was answering the questions, saying he was guilty. but i didn't see any emotion except for when he talked about
4:34 am
his mom and the big problem he has is not so much about him. it's the team he attacked over the last 15 years that said he was guilty of doping. >> gretchen: you got to wonder if those people now have any kind of a civil case against him for destroying their reputations and their credibility. he did talk last night about some of those people that he attacked relentlessly over the last decade. one of them was a woman, betsy andrew. her husband was a racer at one point with lance armstrong. and she had described the story in the past about how she had been in a hospital room with him in indiana, years ago, where he had admitted to this doctor that yes, he was taking some of these performance enhancing drugs when he was riddled with cancer. she had told people that and he had attacked her and called her all kinds of names during the process. here he is explaining that he did call to apologize to betsy and her husband before he did
4:35 am
this interview. >> she asked me and i asked her not to talk about the details of the call. it was a confidential, personal conversation. it was 40 minutes long. i spoke to frankie as well. >> is it well with the two of you? have you made peace? >> no. >> okay. >> because they've been hurt too badly. 40 minute conversation isn't enough. >> yes, 'cause you repeatedly characterized her as crazy. called her other horrible things. >> i clarified -- i did call her crazy. she'd be okay with me saying this, but i'm going to take the crazy. and say, listen, i i called you (bleep). i called you all these things, but i never called you fat.
4:36 am
>> i said i never said you were fat. >> this is what's interesting to me. if a person is accusing you and they say three things that are true, but one of them is out of order and not true, do you then take that to mean the whole thing is not true? >> yeah. >> that's how you operate? >> because three to one wouldn't -- that's a score. >> okay. >> i know. >> steve: meanwhile,. >> gretchen: i don't understand. >> brian: that was so messed up. >> steve: what was betsy andrews' reaction? she was there in the hospital room with her husband, frankie, and he was not getting on board with the u.s. postal service's bicycling team that wanted him to dope e. he wouldn't go along with lance armstrong and company. >> brian: so he got fired. >> steve: yep. so here she is, betsy, reacting to what lance said last night.
4:37 am
>> how did he sound? >> i couldn't believe it was lance. i could not believe that lance apologized. i think this is a process because i honestly don't think he knows how to tell the truth and how to say i'm sorry. so it means a lot that he called to apologize to me. it was a very emotional conversation. i want to keep it private. but he certainly dropped the ball and it came to that hospital room. i told him in that conversation, lance, this is what all started. you really do have to tell the truth here. >> brian: here is what she means by the hospital room, the doctor asked him, he's -- he's sitting this riddled with cancer and saying, by the way, can you tell me have you ever taken performance enhancing drugs and he said yeah. he basically confirmed it. she heard it said, it totally destroyed her husband. he's like, she's crazy, she's nuts. not fat. says all these things.
4:38 am
you got to go back to the fundamentally why you were sitting this with cancer. the odds increased when do you this stuff to your body. and you got to fundamentally admit that i was right. he still hasn't admitted that she was right in her statement. only admitted she was wrong in saying he said she was fat. which is insane! >> gretchen: that part, as a woman, like being called fat, like i don't understand how that even factored into the equation. but there was somebody else in that hospital room who defended lance armstrong and that -- >> steve: sunglasses spokesperson. >> gretchen: that will cop up, i guess that person wasn't telling the truth either. >> steve: one thing about this story, and that is it's clear he lied for a very long time. but his foundation, the livestrong foundation, has through the years helped thousands and thousands of people with cancer. and they also revealed yesterday that he did talk to them and he apologized and their work, sans lance, goes on.
4:39 am
>> gretchen: the 2012 campaign ended two months ago, but president obama didn't get the memo. in an unprecedented move, he's turning his reelection campaign into a tax exempt group. they will push his second term agenda. that is expected to include clashes with republicans over the nation's soaring debt. gun control and immigration reform. campaign manager jim messina will leave this new group. it has $5.3 million now in the bank. >> brian: if you live in chicago, you may be saying good-bye to those energy drinks. the democratic councilman wants to ban all drinks that contain a high amount of caffeine. that could mean dr. pepper. it would still allow red bull to be sold, since it contains less caffeine than other drinks. the crackdown goes a step further than a previous one that wanted energy drinks banned for people under 21. >> steve: so they will sell red bull in the home of the bulls. >> brian: yes. >> steve: talk about man's best friend, dna collected from a dog's mouth has helped cops catch a robber. that is david stoddard.
4:40 am
cops say he broke into a house in ohio in october and robbed the residents. as he was leaving, he was bitten by the family's pit bull. well, smart cops then swabbed the dog's mouth hoping to get dna they could use. they did. cops say they couldn't believe when it linked stoddard to the crime. >> we were just as amazed that it actually worked when we did the dna swab and that it came back to possible match. >> steve: wow. the 24-year-old was already in jail for shooting and killing a 16-year-old pregnant girl. he is now facing charges in both crimes. >> brian: he's not the blightest bulb in the box. millions were left in the cold after super storm sandy. but a top executive at new york city's metropolitan transportation authority swiped the agency generator for his own home on long island. greg lamb backwardy -- lombardi, now demoted and lost half his
4:41 am
salary. >> steve: that is so wrong. >> gretchen: thank god it's friday. tgif. it's been a busy week. if you missed any second, any minute of "fox & friends," you sometimes can miss a lot. so we just wanted to refresh some of the highlights for you. check it out. >> good morning, everybody. today is monday. >> joe trippi and a chess set and we lost track of time. >> i lost track of time. >> gretchen: you're playing the role of brian perfectly. >> brian: turks and caicos and i go to work out and right away, all three tv's have fox news on. i felt like i was still at work. >> gretchen: welcome to the family of miss america. >> thank you. >> gretchen: jack hannah coming up next. >> this is the only cat in the world that spends 90% of his life in trees.
4:42 am
>> brian: he bit me in the thigh! >> lay him back on the couch. >> gretchen: can we go for the kangaroo? >> when you start calling somebody's wife a cereal, you have crossed the line! >> brian: what exactly did pinocchio do wrong? i don't remember. >> steve: any time he would tell a lie, his nose would grow. interestingly enough, when you look at that graphic over there, pinocchio, every time he lied, his nose grew, every time lance armstrong lied, his wallet grew. >> brian: is there anything that would make you do blood doping? [ laughter ] >> gretchen: brian! >> steve: in our five-hour version, we played the whole tape. >> brian: fantastic. >> gretchen: when does that kick off? >> brian: that was great. very well done. i got to say this, i got one story to share. commissioner kelly yesterday, when i did my book, i interviewed him and at the end
4:43 am
of it, he gave me these great cuff links. so i haven't seen them in a while much i said, here is the problem, i actually was not wearing french cuffs then, but now i do wear them. i started wearing them and i lost one of yours. at the end of our interview yesterday, he turned around, said take mine. and the commissioner gave me his cuff links and he was hanging loose the rest of the day, fighting crime in new york city! he gave me his cuff links! >> gretchen: this just made the reel for next week. >> brian: i'm not sure. it still qualifies for this week. but this gets me out of tickets now. excuse me, officer. was i speeding? you tell me. >> steve: that looks like a gun show. >> gretchen: this guy is out of the most gullible guy on earth, or one of the biggest liars. could manti te'o actually get in trouble for his fake girlfriend story? peter johnson, jr. has the legal fallout coming up next. >> brian: can he get in trouble for having a fake girlfriend? not with your wife. then arnold is back and we're
4:44 am
about to get a lesson in one liners from the man himself. got a brand-new movie out. >> it's a boat! it's a tunnel !
4:45 am
4:46 am
4:47 am
>> gretchen: he pulled at america's heart strings before his story fell apart. so can notre dame football star manti te'o's get in trouble if he lied about a girlfriend who never existed? is there any legal ramification here? that's why we have fox news legal analyst, peter johnson, jr. >> hi there. >> gretchen: what would have to happen? he hurt somebody? he defamed somebody? >> if he was extorting someone, if he caused someone criminal harm, we don't know that happened. but we know he was getting a break. he got a break from the main stream media to begin with. they screwed it up. it was obviously a ridiculous story it begin with, in my
4:48 am
opinion. >> gretchen: everyone fell for it. >> rhode island curriculum -- ridiculous! >> don't touch paterno. this is big business. we can't be bothered with this. but this is part of a cultural phenomenon in this country. we objectify women on-line. we lead fantasy lives and wond your there is violence in our society. >> gretchen: no, no, i get that. but the legal ramifications? the woman whose picture they used. >> great picture. she may have, if her likeness was used without her permission, depending upon the state in which she brings the lawsuit, she may have a lawsuit for the unauthorized use of her likeness. in new york state, it's called the civil rights law. in other states, there are
4:49 am
similar laws. maybe. maybe he's a dupe in this thing. maybe he has an action, what's called intentional tort against the people who duped him. maybe i'm all wrong. maybe he was the sucker. maybe we're not the suckers. it looks like the american people are the suckers here. the sucker born every minute. it looks like us right now. i don't want harm for this kid. but let's say okay, this is a strange, weird thing. let's move on with this guy. i guess he'll make millions of dollars in the nfl. i guess we'll reward him. >> gretchen: i don't know. he's already dropping down in the draft. >> maybe he's got problems. he's got talent. he's a great american. but this is psycho behavior, in my view. it is! >> gretchen: that's how we're going to wrap it up for a friday. we'll see what we talk about with you on monday. practice bely more of this. thanks. what makes arnold so popular? he says it's his accent.
4:50 am
>> is it the boat? is it the tunnel? >> is it the chopper! >> gretchen: giving us a lesson on the perfect one liner. on this day in 1984 "owner of a broken heart," number one. is it on your ipod [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop? campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you don't back down from a challenge. this is the age of knowing how to make things happen. sowhy let erectile dysfunction
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4:52 am
4:53 am
>> i'll be back. i'll be back. i'll be back. i'll be back. i'll be back. i'll be back. i'm back. >> brian: arnold is back with a brand-new movie called "the last stand." his first leading role in years. >> steve: joining us live this morning here on the curvy couch, we normally see him live from
4:54 am
washington, d.c., kevin saw the film. >> a pleasure to be here. this couch is like really comfortable. >> steve: you are such a liar! >> i like it. i want to sleep here tonight. >> steve: we can arrange that. >> gretchen: it's firm because it doesn't have as much butt action as these three. >> i think it feels good. i like it. >> gretchen: let's talk about the movie. >> brian: thank you for joining us. >> it's an honor to be here. arnold's movie, here is the deal, i grew up the biggest arnold fan on the planet. i was the kid who rode my bike to blockbuster to rent "terminator 2". i was obsessed. so i loved that balance he has of being epically awesome, but also perfectly campy at the same time. this movie, he is actually really good in it, but the first half, i found myself scratching my head. it didn't have enough of an arnold presence. it took itself way too seriously at times. for me, when he shows up and
4:55 am
does all the great action scenes, that's when he's kicking butt. he's 65 years old. he has really great action scenes in the movie. >> steve: you love the one liners in a lot of the other movies. >> right. that's the problem with this movie is that there is not a single clever one liner. they're all i'm old. i'm the sheriff. the best one liner ever was commando. he's on a plane, kills a guy next to him, tucks the guy in and puts a bill low and a blanket hyped him -- >> brian: i want to interrupt you. we have the clip. >> best clip ever. we went to blockbuster. >> we're here to make your trip as comfortable as possible. >> excuse me. don't disturb my friend. he's dead tired. >> brian: dead tired! >> that, to me, is an epic arnold one liner. the movie -- the guy is dead. but that's not the point. >> right. exactly. but the believe, it's 2 1/2 out of 5. i think he's great in the movie, but it's underwhelming. if you're a fan, check out the matinee. >> brian: you asked him about one liners?
4:56 am
>> i did. i asked, can you teach me how to deliver the one liner. this is what he taught me. from predator. >> teach me the art of how to deliver the one liner. you do it in such a perfect way where it's funny but also so serious. >> the important thing is not just the line, but the way you say it. and then you have to have this accent. this makes you funny. >> i don't have the accent. >> get to the choppa! >> get to the choppa! >> you have to say with a d not a t. >> i have a headache. >> might be a tumor. >> it's not a tuma! >> as soon as you say it's not a tumor, it's american. a tuma, that's what makes everyone laugh. >> i asked him one more thing, brian, i saw your jet pack video. i told arnold, what if brian were to leave "fox & friends" and become an action star. what tips could you give him?
4:57 am
wait 'til you hear his answer. check this out. >> brian kilmeade, he told me, he's like, i don't want to be a tv host anymore. i want to be an action star. what is some advice you could give him. >> can't talk about it. you have to do it. that's the most important thing. but i think that "fox & friends," they're action stars, all those guys. i'm proud of them. i think they're doing a great job and when i wake up in the morning and i watch them, i get great news, great entertainment, fun action, everything. [ laughter ] >> brian: isn't that awesome? >> i thought you would be happy. >> brian: is there any crime in the studio? >> you can check out my uncensored interview with arnold. >> gretchen: he's coming up next hour! he's going to be in your butt crevice saturday. >> i hope he didn't see my 2 1/2
4:58 am
out of 5 review of his movie. if he wants to punch me, that's fine. >> steve: good to see you. real treat having you on. >> gretchen: we'll be right back. more "fox & friends" straight ahead. >> brian: we'll still stare [ sniffs ] bacon?!
4:59 am
gotta get that bacon! bacon?! bacon! smokey bacon, meaty bacon, tasty bacon! bacon? ohh, la, la... oh, i say, is that bacon?! oh, good heavens! bacon! bacon! bacon! bacon! who wants a beggin' strip? meee! i'd get it myself but i don't have thumbs! yum, yum, yum, yum, yum... it's bacon!!! mmm i love you, i love bacon. i love you. i love bacon. i love you. beggin' strips! there's no time like beggin' time. and check out beggin' thick cut. i'm gonna need a bigger mouth!
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5:01 am
>> gretchen: tgif. good morning. hope it's great for you. january 18, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. he admits it, lance armstrong cheated, bullied and his lied right to the top. >> yes or no, did you ever take banned substances to enhance your cycling performance? >> yes. >> gretchen: so what does he have to say for himself now? those answers are straight ahead. >> steve: meanwhile, breaking overnight, a terror scare in the air. fighter jets scramble to escort an airliner after reports of a hijacker was on board. where that happened and why. what we know coming up. >> brian: you just saw and heard him say he loves "fox & friends" on "fox & friends."
5:02 am
in this hour, arnold schwarzenegger here live on "fox & friends." we're talking politics, we're talking lance armstrong, and one liners. "fox & friends" starts, you know. >> gretchen: what is going on? this is going to be a motorcycle thing coming up. since you guys were on the bike earlier, i'm going to take on this motorcycle, i think. >> brian: this is how we end the show. >> gretchen: really? >> steve: international motorcycle show cruises nationwide series. we're demonstrating some of the motorcycle tricks on the plaza. brian, i think you'll be on that one. >> brian: you have the easy one going on the 12-foot bike. >> steve: you know what? i kind of feel sorry. remember al, the guy who helped us, he couldn't get -- oh, my goodness. he couldn't get the faucet turned off our building?
5:03 am
remember him? he's going to have to do interesting all that rubber they're burning out on the plaza. he's going to be out there with a toothbrush. >> gretchen: maybe we could help al. >> brian: it turns out, he'll have to clean it up for "fox & friends" weekend. they have o do that. alisyn camerota. >> steve: very nice. >> gretchen: we should pitch in. lance armstrong doing the interview with oprah winfrey last night. part 2 airs tonight. she started off the interview asking yes or no questions and there was no dodging it. five questions in a row. yes or no, did you use performance enhancing drugs? first question right out of the gate. here it is. >> you and i both know that fame just magnifies whoever you really are. so if you're a jerk, you're a bigger jerk. if you're a humanitarian, our a bigger humanitarian. what was going on with you during that time and what did
5:04 am
fame, what did that do? >> i think it -- and i don't know if you pulled those two words out of the air, jerk and humanitarian. i'd say i was both. and we saw both. now we're seeing certainly more of the jerk part than the active humanitarian and philanthropist, the leader of the foundation. we're seeing that now. i am flawed, deeply flawed. i think we all have our flaws. if the magnifies glass is normally this big, i made it this big because of my actions and because of my words and because of my attitude and my defiance. you watch that clip, that's an arrogant person. i say look at this arrogant prick. >> brian: that's lance armstrong on lance armstrong. it was unthinkable because for so many years, he used to scream at people and be accusational to those when said he's cheating.
5:05 am
he would sue them. last night he said he did not win one single race without blood doping. also indicated upon further review that he thinks everybody is doing it. it doesn't go under the category of cheating if cheating gives you an advantage. if you look at the 17 of the last 33 winners, they all failed drug tests. so lance was able to rationalize, and i saw rick reilly from sports ill astronauted, now espn, who interviewed him so many times over the last few years and he said he won't even take lance's calls because he was going to bat for him and he was somebody who said, over and over again, i never cheated. and he just said that this last night was about him rationalizing. not really apologizing. so very little emotion. i only saw him emotional when he talked about his mom. >> steve: the good thing is, for all those people who said he's doping and he threatened and either sued or just brow beat them into shutting up, those people have been vindicated by what he said.
5:06 am
>> gretchen: i wonder if they have a legal ramification for those people who were in many cases had their reputations marred for more than a decade. who knows what they lost out in in life as far as being claiming they were the liars. it was interesting because during the interview, he said he looked up the word cheating in the dictionary as sort of a self-justification about what was going on. here was his answer to that. >> yes or no, in all seven of your tour defrance victories, did you ever take banned substances or blood dope? >> yes. this issue of performance enhancers to -- again, to me, we're going to pump up our tires, put water in our bottles, and oh, yeah, that too is going to happen. that was it. >> was it a big deal to you? did it feel wrong? >> at the time? no. >> it did not even feel wrong?
5:07 am
>> no. scary. >> did you feel bad about it? >> no. even scarier. >> did you feel in any way that you were cheating? >> no. the scariest. >> brian: somebody just wrote me one of the most famous golfers in the world and i didn't have time to ask him if i could use his name, soy won't. he says i don't care about armstrong, but what is sad and disgraceful is what he has done for the sport. and all those in his inner circumstance that will condoned it are equally as guilty. it does perpetuate the -- he's an american in an international event and admitted he scammed everybody and went after everybody that excused him of -- accused him of doping. >> steve: a lot of people were in on the team and they did know it and eventually they tried to
5:08 am
come clean, but he, because he had all that money and all those managers and lawyers and agents and whatnot, he was able to bully them. but now he's coming clean. why is he coming clean now? don't know. >> gretchen: well, we don't know exactly. but maybe because there have been reports he wants to get back into different kind of racing, like a triathlete. but i'm wondering what the fallout will be for the tour defrance because now if you -- >> steve: tour defarce. >> gretchen: pretty much. are you really going to race in this thing because if everyone actual israeli doping, should we even have this race anymore? is that what we've come to that in order to win, you have to dope and that you can go from sport to sport to sport and it's really easy to pick out the clean people 'cause there aren't that many of them in many cases. >> steve: i have a question for you, brian. all right. the united states team, the postal service team, famously now dopers. there is a lot of doping going on. what about other countries involved in the tour defrance,
5:09 am
are they dopers, too? >> brian: yeah. most of these guys, these past winners came out and like everybody that has won from all these other countries doing the same thing. but at least they were caught. greg lamond. >> gretchen: he won three times in the '80s. >> he's been the biggest critic of lance armstrong from day one. lance armstrong says he's jealous. turns out he was right. he was clean. at least in 1980s clean. >> gretchen: i would love to hear from greg on this whole thing now. in the meantime, let's do some headlines because there is a story that's changing by the second. reuters reporting that overnight an american plane landed at an airport in algeria to rescue the remaining hostages taken in the terror raid. we know one american hostage is still, unfortunately, missing. two other americans managed to escape and are enroute to london. five other americans who were inside the plant at the time of the attack avoided capture. the group reportedly led by the
5:10 am
one-eyed terrorist, that's what he's known as -- says that this is revenge for the french intervention in the country of m, li. while you were sleeping, two fighter jets were scrambled to escort a passenger plane after a report that there was a hijacker on board. somebody called the f.b.i. and said that the hijacker was on an alaska air flight from hawaii to seattle. the f 15 escorted the plane to seattle airport. the man was questioned. the f.b.i. says he doesn't seem to be a threat. in fact, he reportedly slept through most of the flight. the feds are now investigating if the call was actually a hoax. it could be a big break in the murder of border patrol agent brian terry. a mexican national says that he's the one who shot terry when he was caught trying to run drugs near the border. he turned himself in on another charge, another case, threatening to kill a sheriff in texas. those two guns linked to the botched fast and furious operation were found at brian terry's murder scene.
5:11 am
need a few dollars for a tip in now you can get exact change at the atm. chase and tmc banks roll out bills. pnc expects all of its atm's to have the feature by the summer. it would not only be convenient, but could prevent overdrawing your account. >> steve: wouldn't it be funny if it cost you $2 to take $1? straight ahead, the armored guard who refused to go down without a fight. find out who he is shooting at right there. >> brian: my high school friend in austria, arnold schwarzenegger is back. we're talking politic, scandals, one liners and his brand-new movie
5:12 am
i he .
5:13 am
5:14 am
>> gretchen: president obama playing hard ball with congressional republicans over
5:15 am
raising the debt ceiling now. that's going to be the next big thing. he's refusing to negotiate, so if the gop ties the debt ceiling to the current budget battle. listen to this. >> republicans and congress have two choices here. they can act responsibly and pay america's bills, or they can act irresponsibly and put america through another economic crisis. but they will not collect a ransom in exchange for not crashing the american economy. >> steve: here is somebody who dealt with enormous deficits firsthand, the former governor of the golden state of california, arnold schwarzenegger. good morning to you. >> good morning. nice to be here again. >> brian: he sends a warning to the republicans should they back off or take on the president? >> first of all, i think i find it interesting that when you want to have more money, if you go to any financial institution, they say look, i can't pay my bills, i need more money. they want to see their payment
5:16 am
plan. how are you going to live responsible from here on? then you can get more money. so i don't understand that why this should not be a part of the discussion because it ought to be. i think america should not just blindly go in there and keep spending money that we don't have. every single day we're spending more and more money. every year it's like $1.3 trillion more than we have and then it gets added to the debt and that's why this short period of time we have seen the debt go up. >> steve: we have a live picture of the debt now. all right, governor. this is just a play acting thin. you're speaker of the house. you're john boehner. how do you play your hand? >> i would negotiate. i've always been a big believer that you never give up. this is a lot of political stuff that's going on. every subject, everything is politicized and then there is the picker -- bickering going on and the finger pointing, but you got to always make an effort to bring people together and solve
5:17 am
this problem. i think if i were him, i would work with the white house. >> brian: you think it's possible? you know it's not going well. >> i know. you can not give up because look, for the last four years, nothing got done in america. there is a lot of issues that need to be addressed. immigration reform, infrastructure, building high speed rail, getting rid of the deficit. education. we have to look at very carefully how do we stay competitive internationally with manufacturing and all this stuff? so there is a lot of issues that need to be addressed. we can't just freeze and say, it's hard to negotiate with the white house. everything is hard. when i sat there in sacramento, every single thing, you just wanted to build a road, it was a major issue. you had to negotiate for two years. but you can never give up. that's the most important thing. >> gretchen: the important other story is lance armstrong and coming clean on this interview last night with oprah winfrey. what do you make of the culture that we live in now where more and more people, including
5:18 am
yourself, find themselves in situations where they have lied? >> i've never lied. >> gretchen: you never lied? >> you talking about my scandal that i had? i came very clean when my wife asked me the simple question. this is true. i said yes. i went out to the public and i immediately said, here is the situation. i fathered a kid. end of story. i never, ever beat around the bush because the fact is that it's always the hiding and the cover-ups that get you into deeper trouble. so i don't believe in that. but look, at this not see the -- i don't know what he admitted to or what he has said. >> brian: he admitted to everything. >> i just know that lance armstrong was a great athlete and lance armstrong was very giving and very much involved in charities and raising money. so i know the positive side and i think that if he has screwed
5:19 am
up, like i said, in the interview yesterday, then he should come clean and just ask for forgiveness and start all over again. >> brian: if you're nothing if not direct. always, your whole life, in the movies, your whole life. what is it like keeping something like that, of that magnitude a secret for years? is it a relief to say it? is it hard to come forward with it? >> i think people keep it a secret because they don't know how to tell it in the first place, how to tell the public, how to tell people around them and all this stuff. i don't people just want to keep a secret. i think always good to get rid of the secret and talk about it. >> brian: have you ever had an imaginary girlfriend that you had on-line that you want to tell us about? >> i don't want to tell you about it. [ laughter ] >> brian: 'cause the other big scandal we can't figure out this morning. >> steve: you got a great new movie out we want to talk about. the governor is the master of the one liner and he's going to give us a lesson in the one liner. >> really? okay. >> steve: yes, coming up. >> brian: why is he still driving through windows?
5:20 am
>> why not? >> gretchen: he can. then the president's jobs council was supposed to be working on getting people back to work. why haven't they gotten together in a whole year? will it actually still exist in his second term? right back sometimes life can be well, a little uncomfortable. but when it's hard or hurts to go to the bathroom, there's dulcolax stool softener. dulcolax stool softener doesn't make you go, it just makes it easier to go. dulcolax stool softener. make yourself comfortable. ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it.
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>> teach me the art of how to deliver a one liner? what is the art form of -- because you do it in a perfect way where it's funny but also so serious. >> the important thing is not just the line, but the way you say it. and then you have to have this accent. that makes you funny. >> i don't have the accent. >> get to the choppa! that's the way you say chopper.
5:24 am
>> get to the choppa! >> like the tuma. you have to say with a d, not a t. >> i have a headache. >> it might be a tumor. >> it's not a tuma! >> as soon as you say it's not a tumor, then it's american. it's a tuma, that's what makes everyone laugh. >> steve: get to the choppa! is that right? >> you got it, yes. you can not try to be me. i cannot try to be you. >> gretchen: nobody can. you delivered more than anybody that i know, the most memorable one liners. so we thought why not let brian flex his acting chops -- >> brian: because i'd like to be -- >> gretchen: can you help brian become an action hero. >> he's an action hero. just look at him. >> brian: right. >> gretchen: he does have solid biceps. >> brian: i will say this, if this didn't work out issues i was going to go into body building. so far it's worked out.
5:25 am
>> we talked about it a few years ago. all you have to do is burn off the body hair and we'll be fine. >> brian: you were going to pour alcohol on me and set me on fire. >> steve: let's play an exciting three second sound bite from kindergarten cop and he will show him how to do that. >> who is your daddy and what does he do? >> steve: all right. how does he do that? >> go ahead. say it. >> brian: could i have silence, please? who is your daddy and what does he do? [ laughter ] >> very good. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: that was terrible! >> brian: i became that character. i was that character for that moment. now i'm back. >> now you're back. do you remember any one of the last stand of the movie coming out today? >> brian: no, but it turns out we have the lead in that movie on the set right now, on the couch. >> that's right. >> gretchen: tell us some of
5:26 am
your best one liners in the movie coming up. >> brian: or can we see this clip right now? >> yes. let's see the clip. >> brian: only if you say roll it. >> okay, roll it. >> where is the fire coming from? >> behind the roof next to the diner. >> cover me, guys! >> yes, sir! >> how are you, sheriff? >> old. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: that's a great one! >> steve: everybody is shooting at you. feel like you're back in the legislature in sacramento there? >> almost feels like it. >> steve: under attack. >> exactly. but it was a great action piece that is out there and again, it lends itself to a funny line because, you know, i'm playing a character that is kind of like almost due to retire and i'm jumping around the cars and
5:27 am
climbing up buildings and jumping down there and raising cars racing cars and doing all this stuff. it gets a huge laugh in the theater and to hear me acknowledge my age and say that. >> brian: did you ever doubt you had it after 7 1/2 years doing cameos and appearances. >> when you work out every day, and you know that, you work out every day. >> brian: right. >> you feel fit. you do your cardiovascular training every day. you do your bicycle riding, ski. i'm fit and i can keep up with my kids. that's important. when you go on the set and practice the other stunts and the fight scenes and chase scenes, you don't get wiped out. even though you sometimes feel sore and the body is not as forgiving as it was when you were 30 years old, but you still can do all the stuff and you still can kick some butt. >> steve: especially the physical aspect. what about the fun aspect. think about the time before you were governor versus more. what was more fun to do?
5:28 am
>> you know me well enough that everything that i do, i'm very passionate about. >> steve: you are. >> if it is body building, i'm very passionate, promoting fitness, being in show business, promoting movie, sitting here, talking to you, all of those things, i feel great about that i have the privilege and the chance of doing those things. so to me, it was passionate and i had a lot of fun with show business, before i came governor, during the time i was governor and after the time i'm governor. right now doing movies, i've done four movies since i finished the governorship and i've been having a great time. >> gretchen: let's see if you're as passionate about trying to beat brian now. during and leading up to the last couple of elections, brian had a famous line that he used to say on the show when we greeted every hour. i don't know if you ever had a chance to see it. you probably did. so let's watch and see if arnold can do brian's line now. >> this is the home of the 2012 election. fox friends friends starts now.
5:29 am
>> "fox & friends" starts now. [ laughter ] >> brian: very good. i think you're hired. you have triplets coming out with louie depalmer. >> work on conan. another terminator movie. then also ten which is a movie that i finished in atlanta which is coming out a year from now. so there is a lot of stuff going on. the movie business is sizzling for me. i'm getting a lot of offers. my fear that after seven years of governorship, maybe i wouldn't get back into it again. i got back into it and i'm accepted in hollywood. the fans embraced me with open arms. the reviews have been great for this laughy. so -- movie. >> steve: despite that one liner from your new movie, you're not that old. [ laughter ] check out the brand-new move yeah called "the last stand" opening everywhere. >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up, president putting his campaign staff back to work with the help
5:30 am
of taxpayers. we're live in washington with that story coming up. >> brian: then. >> steve: this guard was taken down by two thugs but he's not about to let them get away. he goes arnold on them. >> brian: watch this. he's shooting away, shoots up the tires ♪
5:31 am
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5:34 am
>> steve: you keep sending pictures of your furry fans, so we're going to show them. the idea was show us your dogs watching our show. here is eddie the jack russell. his owner says he normally watches from the recliner, but he just has to get closer during animal segments as seen there. this dog, such a big fan, her owners named her foxy. here is our favorite. these pooches from arkansas watching cnn. how can you tell? they're asleep. [ laughter ] even though they're watching wolf blitzer. >> brian: you know you're tired if you're falling asleep on the guy next to you's butt. am i right iain? >> gretchen: what? okay. the election has been over for two months but president obama's
5:35 am
reelection campaign getting ready for -- you're cracking yourself up. getting ready for its next assignment. correspondent james rosen, do you have any idea what brian just said? >> i do. i saw those dogs and i think he made an astute observation which leads me to suspect if it was really brian. good morning to you. and to our viewers. yeah. democrats who worked for the obama-biden reelection campaign will be descending on the washington hilton this coming sunday for what is billed as the obama legacy conference. there they will help launch this new pro-obama organization. it will be a 501-c 4. its goal will be rally popular support for the upcoming legislative battles. expected clashes with house republicans over gun control, immigration reform, and climate change. leading the organization politico says, will be 2012 campaign manager jim messina, who will hit the ground running
5:36 am
with the campaign's leftover stash of $5.3 million. the obama campaign was the most sophisticated of modern times in its use of micro targeting data to mobilize voters. in an interview with mike allen during a playbook breakfast held after the campaign, he spoke about what would happen to the obama-biden reelection campaign infrastructure and what, by definition, would not happen to it. >> some of it will actually live on, right? the tools we built target sharing, dashboard, i hope every campaign uses and i hope becomes important. however, the important thing to note is, and i want to be firm about this, you can't just hand this to the next detainee for president. this organization was built for people who support this president. >> the new organization will be separate from priorities usa, the pro-obama super pac and separate from the democratic national committee. what i want to know is what brian did with the leftover
5:37 am
$5.3 million from the games due count. >> steve: what did do you with it? >> brian: i don't know if it's left over. i go to mantauk. sometimes i go and pay the one price. so i only have $4.5 million left. so that leaves me a cadre of friends and i still have money. >> gretchen: why do i have no idea about what you're talking about. >> brian: almost like your nixon book generated for the foundation for the rosen children. >> that keeps me in cuff links and -- it gets me on o'reilley every wednesday night. >> steve: good to have you on this friday morning. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> steve: our lead story this morning, lance armstrong, he went on tv with oprah winfrey last night and said he topped for many, many years. did he all sorts of stuff. that came as good news to people he has accused as liars for very, very many years.
5:38 am
betsy andrew and her hurricanes frankie, heard him confess to a doctor in a hospital in indiana that he had used pretty much everything in the book. lance armstrong called her a liar for the past 16 years. >> brian: called her crazy. >> steve: called hear bunch of stuff. we've got two sound bites for you are. first you'll hear from lance armstrong regarding her, and then you're going to hear from last night and then you're going to hear from her this morning about that 40-minute phone call where he kind of called her and her husband, to apologize. >> she asked me and i asked her not to talk about the details of the call. it was a confidential, personal conversation. it was 40 minutes long. i spoke to frankie as well. >> is it well with the two of you? have you made peace? >> no. >> okay.
5:39 am
>> because, because they've been hurt too badly. 40-minute conversation isn't enough. >> yes, 'cause you repeatedly characterize her as crazy. called her other horrible things. >> well, i did call her crazy. she would be okay with me saying that. but i said listen, i called you crazy. i called you (bleep). i called you all these things. but i never called you fat. >> that's one of the things -- >> she thought -- i said i never said you were fat. >> in is what's interesting to me, if a person is accusing you and they say three things that are true but one of them is out of order and not true, do you then take that to mean the whole thing is not true? >> yeah. >> that's how you operate? >> well, because that's -- three to one wouldn't be accurate.
5:40 am
i would lose. that's a score. >> okay, okay. >> i know. >> gretchen: that was kind of a weird interchange about saying the woman wouldn't be offended because he never called her fat. it really was out of context based on how important these allegations were and how she had felt the way she had felt for the last 16 years. she did respond to that apology call today on another broadcast. here she is. >> how did he sound? >> i couldn't believe it was lance. i could not believe that lance apologized. i think this is a process because i honestly don't think he knows how to tell the truth and how to say i'm sorry. so it means a lot that he called to apologize to me. it was a very emotional conversation. i want to keep it private. but he certainly dropped the ball when it came to that hospital room. i told him in that conversation, lance, this is what all started. you really do have to tell the truth here. for him to admit what he did was
5:41 am
a big first step. plans doesn't say i'm sorry. lance isn't used to telling the truth. and so i think in the days to come, in the months to come, i'm hoping that we will see the contrition. >> brian: here is the thing, this is what learned from this, he's doped for every single title. he was doing illegal drugs that a lot of people say lead to cancer in people, like let's say lance armstrong, which now we know he was doing before he got cancer. so his races weren't real. his lies were flat out lies. we're supposed to believe him now. nothing about lance armstrong the hero matters. the only thing left is his legacy livestrong, which generated $500 million. >> gretchen: he was a racer before he got cancer? >> brian: yeah. >> gretchen: and he was doing this -- >> brian: flat on his back with cancer. the doctor said, what have you done? he told the doctor. she overheard it. then he denies, calls her crazy.
5:42 am
>> steve: part 2 tonight on the oprah winfrey network. >> brian: like something out of a movie, they say, but what you're about to see is very, very real. all caught on camera. two men with their guns drawn holding up a brinks armored truck. the robbers forced the guard to the ground and tried grabbing the gun unsuccessfully. they did grab a whole lot of money, took offment the guard on the ground, fired. the robbers were forced to abandon the get away car blocks away because the tires riddled with bullet holes. >> i heard at least 15 to 18 shots. i thought it was fire crackers. >> brian: a manhunt is underway fort robbers. i'm surprised there weren't two guards with all that money. >> steve: a good shot. an embarrassing milestone for president obama's jobs council. it's been exactly one year since they had a meeting. this is the last time the 26-member committee sat down together. these pictures are from that.
5:43 am
the council will expire at thend of the month unless the president extends it. no comment from the white house on why the council hasn't met in a year. >> gretchen: brave rescue needs rescuing himself. watch this. take a look again. a fire in russia nearly knocked four stories off his ladder. he was rushing to save people trapped in a burning building when the snow falls on his head. he's able to hang on as another firefighter then saves the child. no one luckily seriously hurt. >> steve: it's an apartment avalanche. >> brian: he runs a huge business and he's very unhappy with obamacare. so what's whole foods ceo john mackie's solution? he joins us next. >> steve: yep. then free style bikers show their stunts off on our plaza. but first, a preview of what happens this weekend on the plaza and here in studio e. good morning. >> great to see you. that will be fun outside.
5:44 am
if you're trying to lose weight but you're tired of eating salad after salad, toss the lettuce. get it? and you can go for comfort food instead. we're going to explain that this weekend. >> brian: i hope it's a steak salad. >> speak of your diets, are your new year's resolutions getting off track? i'll change all of that in three minutes. i've got great apps to keep your new year's resolutions on track. >> one man's trash is another man's treasure. one of the stars of "american pickers" is here to prove it. >> that's coming up on "fox & friends" starting at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. brian, i heard you say we have to clean this up this weekend. we're calling you back in this weekend to clean it up [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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5:48 am
he is the co- ceo and co-founder of whole foods. i know you heard of that. john mackie. great to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> gretchen: in the last couple of days, you were talking a lot about obamacare and you used some words that you didn't necessarily mean. you called it fascist and socialist policy. do you want to clarify what your thoughts in general are about obamacare? >> yeah. i did use a poor choice of words that resulted in a lot of blowback. but mostly i was trying to describe obamacare as government-controlled health care. it's sort of the opposite of free enterprise capitalism, which allows voluntary exchange between businesses and it's thes for prosperity in america. and allows innovation, creativity, freedom of choice. we're moving away from that. trying to let people see that that's probably not going to be as effective as if capitalism itself was allowed to work in the marketplace.
5:49 am
>> gretchen: i remember during the whole discussion about health care before obamacare was passed, you wrote this op ed and it was an ingenious idea. you were trying to incentivize your employees to lose weight. why? how is that program going to work? >> well, we give discounts if you work for our company and 20% discount. but we started to measure people's weight, their blood pressure, their cholesterol and whether they smoke or not. things we can measure for health outcomes. and people that were healthier were given bigger discounts. that's good for them. they're healthier. it's good for the company, 'cause it lowers our health care cost. >> gretchen: you wrote that op ed. prosecute you expecting the president to maybe try and include that in his plan? >> i had no expectations about it at all, except the president called for suggestions how to help reform health care and i put my suggestions out there. >> gretchen: you run your business in a unique way. tell us about some of the tenets of conscious capitalism starting
5:50 am
with the fact that you yourself coo not take a huge salary, right? >> right. i stopped taking a salary about six years ago. but the essence of conscious capitalism is that every business has potential for a higher purpose besides just making money. not that there is anything wrong with making money. it's just that doctors have a higher purpose. they heal people. teachers educate people. architects design buildings. similarly, business creates value for everyone it trades it. value for customers, value for their employees, value for suppliers, value for investors and a larger community. that's the message that business needs to say to the rest of the world. the message they need to understand for themselves, that they have the focus for higher purpose and that they create value for all of these stake holders and not just the investors. the narrative about business that's been captured by the enemies of business, the critics
5:51 am
of business. we want to recapture that narrative because business people are truly the heros. we're the value creators in the world. we're the ones helping lift humanity out of poverty and create prosperity. that's the story that needs to be told. >> gretchen: you obviously are doing something right at whole foods. one of the most successful supermarkets all across the world. check out his new book "conscious capitalism." it sounds fascinating. great to sigh today. >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up next, free style bikers showing off their awesome stunts right on the plaza with brian. first, let's check in with hemmer. have a great weekend. >> to you as well. this break news continues at the moment. these americans in the siege, fast moving story again today. we'll bring you the latest on that. another green energy story that might make your stomach turn on a friday. also did lance armstrong change anything about his fate last night? and the latest out of notre dame as that mystery continues now for a third day. busy, busy friday. martha and i will see youja
5:52 am
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5:55 am
>> brian: the largest and longest running motorcycle show. chris is with us right now. chris teaches and there he is. aaron is here. they're free style bike riders. you've been watching them all morning. here to show us awesome tricks. welcome, guys. thanks for bringing your show to new york 'cause i know you're going nationwide. first things first, mr. emcee, chris, what are we going to see if we see your show? >> we do a lot of different tricks, wheelies, burnouts and acrobatics. we'll show awe couple examples here. it's a small slippery area, but we've got some of the most elite riders with us this weekend. we'll put on a quick show. >> brian: you ready?
5:56 am
>> we are ready. >> brian: are you sure? >> positive. >> brian: let's step out of the way. what will we be seeing now? >> they're going to show us stuff, we're going to head to the far end and you'll see them start doing different tricks. >> brian: these motorcycles are pretty much like every other motorcycle, except for the cage and the sprockets. >> we've got two different bikes going. mr. mcneil, his bike is a factory b with mwrrc. is a stock bike. a couple modification. aaron, more modified bike. you see this basic wheelie. kind of starting off real simple. we want to elevate it up. >> brian: you think it's simple. while he stands, i see a brick wall. >> they see that, too, but know how to deal with it. they're going to ride together. they kind of know what's going on. >> brian: this show goes on for how long? >> we do a half hour show throughout the weekend. check us out. we'll be doing three shows today
5:57 am
at 3:30, 5:30. >> brian: wow! do they know where we are? >> oh, yeah. >> brian: wow! i hope you brought some extra tires with you. >> absolutely. we got some. keeping these motorcycles takes a lot of work. >> brian: you do know someone has to clean up this veranda? >> that's called job security. we just want to make sure we're helping out the economy and keeping people working. so we're doing our part. >> brian: wow. i had no idea. i couldn't be more impressed with these guys who put their lives on the line. >> absolutely. pick up their tickets at motorcycle >> brian: back in a moment live in new york city. salmon with basil, garlic chicken spring rolls, and now salads, like asian-style chicken. enjoy over 130 tasty varieties, anytime. lean cuisine. be culinary chic.
5:58 am
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